Our shop

Design bench

with a modern twist; completely new lined and restored. prize €600.-


Adoption, and Art-Deco chair

our chairs; We make old new again
the throne with grey trim costs €500.- The Art-Deco Chair do you have already for €300.-


Paintings on canvas, by Elzbieta Olbrycht

Ella's paintings are for sale from €400.-


Prints by Joachim

mixed media: partly made by hand, partly digital. from €125.-


Katikaze Fashion & High Fashion Accessories

handcraft from Katikaze. Inform after models and prizes; it is easier and less expensive than you imagine


Our departments


Click to our design Department, and see what gems we make of what often discarded by others. Restoring, refurbishing and upholstering, and of course the craftmenship of people who often get difficulties to work in the ordinary way . What a shame!


In our gallery are the colorful and intriguing abstracts of Elzbieta Olbrycht. A Polish artist who lives for years in South Limburg. Her work fits, where ever you place it, and that is precisely her intention.


The prints of Joachim, ready to be framed (or we do this for you), with subjects that are just picked from the area, and safed for always in digital manipulated grafical work.