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ANBI status

We also create custom multimedia for you!


We have the knowledge to create your website, application or multimedia project in a professional manner. Over 20 years of internet experience gives us an advantage that many companies can't offer.

In addition, we provide training in this area, and to people with a distance to the labour market, in the near future, because multimedia offers guaranteed future prospects.

This refers not only to internet related products, but also to e.g. (documentairy) film, with which publicly accessible festivals can be organized.

Also feel free to check our courses, like "use of the internet and social media" (e.g. for the elderly) and/or "photografy: impression and reality".


Mosae Musica in the Muziekgieterij

Our "world renowned" musical project, during which young people from all walks can communicate by means of their instruments, conducted by experienced and professional teachers.

a Polish music project

The "primeval mother" of Mosae Musica; where it all began: in Poland. Workshops for and with youth; taking them during a midweek or weekend on musical way to get to know each other and communicate. In doing so, accompanied by internationally renowned musicians.


A project for early school leavers to give a commitment together with coaches/tutors, buddies and craftsmen, to explore and amplify their personal passions and talents

our shop

Take a look and see what we make, such as the paintings by Elzbieta, the prints of Joachim. Or our furniture, which are created by skilled craftsmen with a distance to the labour market. Original and innovative; definitely worth a look, and perhaps worth buying.