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DEsign on demand

ANBI status

Our starting point is to manufacture design from recycled materials, and environmentally friendly products, under the guidance of experienced craftsmen and/or artists, by people with a distance to the labour market, who, without this, would not be able to perform this craft. Here also is the relation to the client the most important for aswell design, material, color, style and size.

Design on demand

The main thing is passing the crafts to a younger generation, whereby success is guaranteed with regard to social and commercial growth. Because of this, each design gets a personal signature and is in itself unique.


Adoption chair

A chair adopted and rescued from the garbage dump. After the fresh upholstery, some statute labour, as new again.


Restaurant l'Appetito asked us to create terrace tables after their own design, and on existing tripods.

Art Deco

That we also can handle existing design proves this Art Deco chair in urgent need of new upholstery.


This bench was our first furniture order. The very ugly sky leather had to be replaced. We coated this piece of furniture with a beautiful leather deck.


Also this Casina Chair is an existing and delicate design, that was provided with a full new coat.

Design bench

This is a whole different story: Discarded and ripe for the bulk, we bought the remainder, in order to be restored to this beautiful and colorful result.

Donation chair

As the name implies we got this Chair. The owner thought it was a waste to throw away, and we gratefully revamped it, and provided it with a new upholstery.

Jaspers bench

Someone can be very attached to a piece of furniture; What was certainly the case here. And we did our job, made it as new, to the great satisfaction of the owner, as can be seen.


And what about these Philippe Starck Chairs: world design that was restored by us, refurbished and coated with new upholstery.

our shop

Take a look and see what we make, such as the paintings by Elzbieta, the prints of Joachim. Or our furniture, which are created by skilled craftsmen with a distance to the labour market. Original and innovative; definitely worth a look, and perhaps worth buying.