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ANBI status

A project for early school leavers


Max-perience is designed for young people, to let them desire, together with coaches/tutors, buddies and craftsmen, to explore and amplify their personal passions and talents. Young people will be encouraged to think about where they are today and where they want to go, and as a result, to set personal learning goals in a creative way.

The target group of early school leavers is growing. There are few, if any projects that ensure that young people between the ages of 15 to 23 years, find their way to school in a positive way. Still to be able to fulfill their compulsory schooling and/or their start qualifications.

Young people who often truancy/fail for a long-term, do this for a variety of reasons. Foundation Kultuur-Fabriek developed a method named "The Apprentice Study", in which personal interests (fixed during intake conversations) be linked to an internship. During this internship practical assignments will be combined with gaining renewed social skills, knowledge, and experience (in e.g. crafts, music projects, music therapy, Multi-media, art and making documentaries/movies).

Foundation Kultuur-Fabriek offers a 12 weeks program (an average of 4 half-days per week), in which young people get on with their individual problems. In this they will be supported by coaches, music therapists and artisans. The goal is to break their daily grind, and to chart their creativity, social skills and personal goals, to achieve these, through a clear planning.

For the above goals, we collaborate with organizations who have many years of experience with the guidance of young people who have a diversity of problems. Consultation and coordination between the various parties, plus adequately respond to the progress and development of the individual, is essential to achieve maximum success.


our shop

Take a look and see what we make, such as the paintings by Elzbieta, the prints of Joachim. Or our furniture, which are created by skilled craftsmen with a distance to the labour market. Original and innovative; definitely worth a look, and perhaps worth buying.

Mosae Musica in the Muziekgieterij

Our "world renowned" musical project, during which young people from all walks can communicate by means of their instruments, conducted by experienced and professional teachers.

a Polish music project

The "primeval mother" of Mosae Musica; where it all began: in Poland. Workshops for and with youth; taking them during a midweek or weekend on musical way to get to know each other and communicate. In doing so, accompanied by internationally renowned musicians.