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Art on demand

ANBI status

Foundation Kultuur-Fabriek sells art on demand to individuals and companies. The main focus is on abstract work that transcends the term "decoration"; at all times it will be a unique work.

Art on demand

The approach is tailored and in consultation with the client (such as the workshops in the illustrious "golden age") Within the workshops of the Kultuur-Fabriek we create works of art that meet specific needs and wants. This can be given to thematic work but also more specific, like business-oriented that underlines the look of the client, by e.g. processing the company itself or its logo. Art has always had a great appearance on businesses, institutions and individuals which can only increase by optimum cooperation of creator(s) and client.


Art at the Vrijthof

Work of Elzbieta that was created during the period in which the Kultuur-Fabriek had its offices on the Vrijthof in Maastricht. Here also can be noticed the horizontal division which is so characteristic in her work. Most of her work is acrylic on linen.

Art at the Meuse

After Kultuur-Fabriek moved to the current building at the Blekerij, Elzbieta's work becomes brighter. Perhaps because of the brighter light at this location, thanks to the water reflection of the Meuse.

Prints from the Region

Joachim makes long walks in the immediate surroundings, and uses the resulting photos as a basis for his graphic work, that comes about through a mixed technique of manual and digital editing.


The latest series of Elzbieta is mainly characterised by dividing the canvas in two unequal parts by means of a "horizon". This gives the works a strong rural character.

our shop

Take a look and see what we make, such as the paintings by Elzbieta, the prints of Joachim. Or our furniture, which are created by skilled craftsmen with a distance to the labour market. Original and innovative; definitely worth a look, and perhaps worth buying.