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ANBI status

ANBI status

This initiative was born from experiences with finding suitable work for people with a distance to the labour market. Where the ordinary reorientation, outplacement or reintegration fails the Kultuur-Fabriek can and wants to offer a solution by means of guidance and training, and development of the individual skills of its participants.

foundation Kultuur-Fabriek

Especially within cultural sectors are, in our view, still too many opportunities not exploited. Art and culture are in general treated as stepchildren within the regular field of activity and seen as not cost effective when looking for re-employment opportunities for people who want to re-integrate. However, this market offers a variety of perspectives, especially in the current climate, in which, thanks to a global economic crisis, a vacuum to job opportunities is likely to occur.

Foundation Kultuur-Fabriek focuses primarily on those who, thanks to a too low and/or specific training or employment history, have little or no opportunities within the regular field of activity: people who are likely to fall out anyway! In this the foundation creates an alternative that, by means of the acquisition of skills, shows its participants their own possibilities, with the intention to convert them into market-oriented initiatives.

For the best possible result is cooperation wanted with (eu)regional institutions and agencies such as: the municipality Maastricht, Muziekgieterij, foundation Radar and Public-Peace.

At the moment we work together with e.g. 6211 Kunstkwartier, in the field of organisation, projects and workshops



A project for early school leavers to give a commitment together with coaches/tutors, buddies and craftsmen, to explore and amplify their personal passions and talents

our shop

Take a look and see what we make, such as the paintings by Elzbieta, the prints of Joachim. Or our furniture, which are created by skilled craftsmen with a distance to the labour market. Original and innovative; definitely worth a look, and perhaps worth buying.

Mosae Musica in the Muziekgieterij

Our "world renowned" musical project, during which young people from all walks can communicate by means of their instruments, conducted by experienced and professional teachers.

a Polish music project

The "primeval mother" of Mosae Musica; where it all began: in Poland. Workshops for and with youth; taking them during a midweek or weekend on musical way to get to know each other and communicate. In doing so, accompanied by internationally renowned musicians.